What is the average age of your guests?

The age range is typically mid 20's to early 60's with the average age around 40 give or take a couple of years depending on the week.

I am only a bi-curious woman. Do I have to participate?

You are not obligated to participate in any activity until you are 100% comfortable. Our parties are all optional to attend, and are both social and provocative in nature. You can attend all, some or none of them. We assist in helping break the ice. The rest is up to the individual women to see where this journey will lead them.

What is included and not included in the room price?

Included: Hotel, unlimited food, drinks, non-motorized water sports, taxes, tips, entertainment and invitations to all our events.

Not Included: Airfare to Jamaica, transfers to and from Montego Bay Airport, spa treatments and off property excursions.

We reserved our room directly with Hedonism II. Can I still come to your parties?

We can take over your direct booking at no cost. No changes to the original reservation will occur and can switch you over to our group pricing which will save money. You can then attend all our private functions.

I heard that guests are bumped when the property is oversold. Does that occur to your guests?

Our guests are not bumped off property as we send in our room list prior to arrival directly to the reservations manager so we receive priority. This does not mean it is not impossible.

If your flight has been extensively delayed (arriving in the evening) and you have not contacted either us or the resort directly, it is possible the computer can kick you out as a "no show". Precautions must be taken.

We are first timers and want to have as much information as possible before arriving. Do you provide this?

Four pages of useful information are e-mailed with travel documents. Our final wild women's itinerary is e-mailed 2 - 3 weeks prior to arrival and is again given out at the initial meet and greet get together on Sunday afternoon.

We want to arrive 2 days before your week and stay a day or two afterwards. Can we still book with you and get the same price?

Yes. We have our group prices extended 3 nights prior to and after the official dates. Many guests, especially repeat guests, occasionally stay for 12 or even 14 nights. For those who do book for an extended period, we require permission from management to accommodate our prices for the entire stay. To those couples who can stay but a few nights, the same pricing structure exists.

Your competition undercut your prices by about $6 a night and then told us that we could still attend your parties once we meet you. Is this true?

Absolutely not!!! Please do not make this mistake as you can spend a lot of money for your holiday only to become quite upset when you are turned away from attending our private parties.

There are occasionally operations who will say and offer just about anything to secure your reservation. Over the years we have heard some whoppers. They obviously have no financial stake in our events so have nothing to lose by trying at your ultimate expense. We spend thousands of dollars a year to put on these events and are on property along with one or more co-host couples to facilitate. We work very hard to insure that your hedonism ii experience is the best it can possibly be.

We are not swingers and afraid that your parties end up that way. Please make me feel at ease.

We maintain the integrity of our parties which is female/female play. Gentlemen are in a supporting role only. What anyone does afterwards is their business.

Tell me what the rooms are like?

Rooms are fairly basic. They are clean, comfortable but relatively small. There is so much to do and experience at Hedonism II that most guests do not spend too much time in their rooms, but do not expect the Ritz Carlton.

Do I have to be nude when walking around that area of the resort?

You can walk anywhere on property and you do not have to be nude, however, if you wish to stay at the nude beach, pool and hot tub area, then au natural is required. Clothing is required in the common areas.

Are there a lot of single men hitting on all the women?

The resort is generally around 95% couples except for a few weeks a year. We do not book single men during our weeks. Those who happen to be there are usually not very happy but some can be very nice and fun to hang around. Can a single guy hit on the ladies occasionally? Absolutely, like anywhere else, but the vast majority of the time a simple no thank you is all that is required.

We are looking for a threesome with another woman. Do you have a lot of single ladies there to fulfill our fantasy?

We may have a few single ladies with us but most are seeking encounters with other women only. Can this experience happen at Hedonism II? It could if you are extremely open minded, but would not make this fantasy the one and only reason to vacation here as disappointment may surely follow.

If seeking one of the most fun, unique and titillating holidays you will ever experience, then Hedonism II is just the ticket as long as there are no unreasonable expectations.

I am a single woman who would like to attend. Do you have special prices?

Singles are charged 150% of the per person rate during the winter months and 120% during the off peak season but you will have your own room guaranteed. There is also 3 for the price of 2 and 4 for the price of 3 women's special. Contact us for details.